With INSULA you manipulate containers to the MAX

Easy Bolt and Go kits that allow you to take any Container Conversion to the Max

Insula is a licensed trailer manufacturer creating Barrier free Base Shell’s. Each trailer is manufactured with attention to detail in South Western Ontario under the company’s National Vehicle Safety Mark.

Each finished product has its own unique trailer V.I.N number and is licensed and plated.

Start your project with the strongest shell possible. Available in 10ft and 20ft lengths.

Residential and Commercial

No matter what your project, we have the right kits to make it real

Commercial / Big Projects / Bulk Orders

Start an Insula Product Partnership or convert an existing fleet of containers.


  • Easy to market Bolt and Go kits
  • New Conversion ideas with endless finish potentials
  • On site project Guidance from Insula available on fleet conversions ensuring seamless, cost effective upgrading.
  • High product quality and company craftsmanship

Applicable Industries:

  • Construction Companies
  • Moving Companies
  • Established Conversion Companies
  • Dockside Container Depots
  • Rental Companies
  • Large Conversion Projects for not for profit organisations

Residential / DIY / One off direct-to-buyer orders

Let Insula remove the intimidation in starting and completing your backyard project. We are here to connect you to your containers greatest potential.

Potential Options include but are not limited to portable/road worthy:

  • Backyard Oasis: She / he / we shed
  • Entertainment Area
  • Merchandise Space
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • Washrooms
  • Rental company start-ups
  • Tool Storage/Garage space
  • Power house – portable generator
  • Remote location medical facility
  • Natural disaster response unit

Completed Projects

Gen X is the world’s first ADA compliant Bunkie.

Designed to facilitate Aging in place, Insula led the way from conception to finished project. This was the project that inspired the Trailering Kit.

Mike began his adventures at In Situ (the parent company of Insula) by designing and instituting an off grid Power system at the current location of his fabricating shop. This provided the land parcel with clean and sustainable energy.

The Millennial stands above the competition as a portable, fully off grid dwelling. 

It’s a completely self-sustaining, flexible, and eco-friendly tool for a new generation wishing to live a productive, efficient and independent lifestyle with minimal carbon foot-print.

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