Completed Projects

Gen X

Gen X is the world’s first ADA compliant Bunkie.

Designed to facilitate Aging in place, Insula led the way from conception to finished project. This was the project that inspired the Trailering Kit.

From this idea the ‘C-Qan Gen X’ was born and it is the world’s first mobile, ADA-compliant Bunkie.’ Gen X’ challenges barriers to adult autonomy by incorporating universal design parameters to meet ADA compliance while providing a safe, comfortable and accessible space for individuals to live comfortably at home without remodelling an existing dwelling.

Elegant universal design offers an alternative to the problems of long-term care and institutional convalescence, promising greater independence and less isolation for all. As we move forward in this life, Gen X offers the opportunity to do so with greater dignity, safety and proximity to family.

Benefits of the Gen X:

  • Quickly accommodates an injured or mobility-compromised individual without a     renovation.
  • Can be placed exactly where it is needed—home, cottage or camp
  • Increases property value as a secondary living space
  • Interior design meets current ADA and AODA standards
  • Efficiently designed to maximize square footage
  • Accommodates a full-sized hospital bed and allows the free movement of a Hoyer lift
  • Includes a 3-piece bathroom complete with heated floors and a barrier free shower.    
  • Complies with local building codes*
  • Functions as a year round bunkie

As this project evolved Mike realised that he could improve on the transportation of the Converted Containers and this is where the evolution of the design of the Trailering Kit was born.

Power House

Mike draws his career experience from serving as Chief Engineer on one of the oldest commercial vessels on the great lakes. His inquisitive nature led him to master many different trades that he needed to build and maintain a floating village.

Mike’s fearless nature led him to walk headstrong into the challenges of the ships. The confidence he gained on the ship directly impacted his ability to problem solve.

It is this creativity that Mike has brought to his ‘Land Career’ at Insula. His ability to engineer solutions to mechanical and structural problems is a rare gift. He has a strong focus on removing the barriers which tend to cause many people’s dreams to dissolve before they have even begun.

Mike began his adventures at In Situ (the parent company of Insula) by designing and instituting an off-grid power system at his fabricating shop. This provided the land parcel with clean and sustainable energy, ensuring that all future creations at this location would fall in line with the company’s values as well as giving Mike hands-on solar energy experience. These are integral parts of project completion at Insula.

The Millennial

The Millenial is an Upcycled Container that has the Trailering Kit installed transforming it into a trailer.

This unique unit also boasts but is not limited to:

  • Off-grid
  • Solar power with energy generation and storage capabilities
  • Free and grey water system
  • 3 piece bathroom
  • Hot water, heating and air conditioning to suit your needs
  • 1300 cubic feet of interior space to finish out to your needs with either a kitchenette/sleeping area/ work space etc.
  • Back up generator to meet additional energy needs for work sites

Potential sectors:

Emergency response teams, work from home office, retail space, construction site break/meeting rooms, creative artist space, sensory room, the possibilities are endless with this shell design.

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